Victoria has been painting portraits for nearly 10 years for a variety of different sitters and occasions. As well as formal commissions to celebrate a person'a career or achievements, she regularly paints portraits of people's family members for special occasions or as gifts. It is very important to Victoria when painting her portraits, not only to capture a person's likeness but also their personality and the idiosyncrasies which make them unique. This includes thoughtful and considered compositions and specially chosen items which hint at the person's life story. Victoria makes the process as easy as possible for her sitters. Working from photographs she takes herself, she makes sure the sitter is happy with how they are depicted and then continues onto the painting sometimes with one or two live sittings during the process.

Please find more information about the commission process at the bottom of this page.  As well as portraits, Victoria is more than happy to discuss commissions of landscapes, buildings and has a special section of the website dedicated to pet paintings.


It is important to me that my portrait commissions not only capture the likeness of a person, but also their character and personality. As with my original figurative paintings, I work from photography sessions and drawing studies. This is a simple, convenient process with regular updates and conversations about the piece.

Drawings starting from £500
Paintings starting from £1000

Commissions will usually take between 1-2 months for drawings and 1–3 months for paintings, this varies as each commission is completely unique.

Victoria is happy to discuss commissions of many different subjects including landscapes, buildings, people and animals – just get in touch!


For drawings

  1. Contact Victoria describing briefly ideas for the potential commission. If possible, please include information about the sitter, setting, occasion etc. 
    (Don’t worry if you are just after general information at this stage! Victoria is happy to answer any questions over email or phone and add suggestions of what might work for the piece; composition, size, materials and a quote.)
  2. A face-to-face chat will be set up with Victoria to discuss the piece further and arrange a time for a short photography session.
  3. Victoria will take photographs of the sitter/subject and create a monotone drawing in pencils.

for paintings

  1. Victoria works mainly from photography she has taken of the sitter, for complex compositions, she may make a drawing study also before painting. She will then review the photograph / drawing with the client and any changes to the composition can be decided at this point. 
    (If a preparatory drawing  is made, this will also be available to purchase as an additional piece once the painting is complete.)
  2. Victoria begins the painting in oils, keeping in regular contact with the sitter, and working from the photographs and drawing studies. 
    (Additional short drawing sessions from life may be required at intervals, at the convenience of the sitter.)
  3. The finished piece is delivered!